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To Jess, Happy birthday boo!!! <3 <3 

▷ songs that speak of sam winchester

"well, truthfully, sam, it was about time." dean shrugged. "now you can pass as an actual FBI agent." sam ran his hands over his newly shorn hair in horror and shock. "okay, dean! since we're all about the truth tonight, why don't I tell you something?" dean cocked his head and raised his eyebrows in challenge and sam pursed his lips. "castiel is gay as fuck for you."
— Anonymous

i literally love you guys for making these omg hahaah my url feels so much better ThANk YOU SWEETIE

i want a terrible 3 sentence fan fic in my ask, based on my url

Okay, if you don’t like, uh, ‘reckless’, I could use ‘insouciant’, maybe.

If I could be anywhere else right now… I would be in Hawaii because it’s my paradise. I’ve sort of filmed there a few times and it’s, uh a second home to me.

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hey, howd you get your updates tab to do all that cool stuff? sorry, im new to tumblr. still figuring out html tricks.
— Anonymous

hmm im not sure what cool stuff my updates tab does, i mean it only does cool stuff. do you want to clarify maybe?

anyway i’d be very glad to help you and the code to my left updates tab is found here and for the right one i used this

you can change colour by adding <font color=#?????>text</font> to the html code of your updates tabs text section and you can find cute colours just by googling html colors nwn

and you get the moving text by <marquee>text</marquee>

yeah so i hope i helped at least a little?? but im still a bit unsure what cool stuff my updates tab does, so if you need something, just ask uwu i wont bite

"demmit sam i wan da truth. I wan deh truth sam" seys Dean. "U wan dah truth? u can't handle de truth." sam screams. dean glare at sam. "OK OK CAS LUVS U" screams sam he in v much pain. Cas appears and kisses dean. deh end.

ahahha oh god thank you so much this is the reason i wont change my url any time soon. such a beautiful story

i want a terrible 3 sentence fan fic in my ask, based on my url